Second Life: Day 1

This is my first time using Second Life. For this session I created and customised my avatar, marevatin. Virtual reality is a completely new concept for me and this is my first experience of participating in such activity. The first step is to create and customise your avatar. I was slightly dismayed by the fact that most of the automated characters especially vampires and fantasy girls were in my opinion, slightly sexualised. Their pushed up boobs and tiny bodies are certainly not what you would see in RL and it confuses me because if this was to be a VR then surely the avatars should be as realistic as possible to actual humans. I understand that VR can stretch to unlimited possibilites but I think that the female avatars could be more human like and realistic. Even the male characters are wearing clothes, they're not sexualised so why is it that some of the female characters are? Below are some of the examples I am basing my points from.

There is no reasoning behind why I chos…